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Cultural Current is an ongoing series of conferences on the role of art, culture, knowledge, cultural and creative industries, and the creative economy in transforming cities and urban spaces.


Cultural and Creative Audit and Mapping of Cities is the foundational step and an effective tool for developing and planning cities that aim to leverage culture, creativity, and communities for growth.


CLAM (Culture. Literature. Art. Music) is a series of festivals that aims to be radically inclusive and bring forward and be a platform for expressions, ideas, values, and voices from the global south.


Be. is a multidisciplinary independently owned creative studio. Be. focuses on ways to engage the public by unspooling the potential of cities, places, governments, and organisations. 

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Makers’ Hub is rooted in the idea that a global network of connected creative communities can enable collaborative partnerships and play a pivotal role in translating the local into global.

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Wonder Triangle makes videos, tell stories, and connects people. Wonder Triangle works with multiple stakeholders with different goals, limited time and resources, and high expectations.

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