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People of Synergy International

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​Abhayan Varghese


Ideas, Innovations & Operations

Abhayan Varghese explores the transformative effect of culture and creativity in the context of urbanisation and in our lives. His work focuses on advising governments and institutions to reimagine ways in which the cultural and creative industries can strengthen local-specificities, create public engagement, and drive inclusive people-entered developmental politics. With over 15 years of experience in research, policy, and action his work span public and private sectors, NGOs, and art and cultural institutions.

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Sabin Iqbal


Festivals & Conferences

Sabin Iqbal creates ways for governments, organisations, and businesses to leverage the transformative role of festivals and conferences in the context of cities. His work focuses on improving the city’s cultural vibrancy, raising the capacity and ambition of its cultural sector and strengthening its networks to reposition it within competitive global frameworks. With over 25 years of experience, his work span journalism, start-ups, and literature and art festivals; and he is a published author.

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Vinu Jose


People & Commercial

Vinu Jose is an advocate of human-centred commercial strategies that drive growth, create scale, and opportunities in the cultural and creative industries. His work focuses on creating sustainable solutions and support structures for governments, not-for-profits, and corporates to strengthen business planning, data analytics, economics, governance, and networks. With over 20 years of experience in executing projects, his work span diverse interests including public utilities and infrastructure, renewable energy, oil, commodities, and food. 

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Rafeek Rahman


Projects & Possibilities

Rafeek Rahman has a keen interest and appreciation of the current digital and technology-driven opportunities while imagining urban spaces and cities. His work focuses on designing strategies for the cultural and creative sectors and the relations between the private and the public spheres in which they interact. With over 25 years of experience in consulting and nurturing entrepreneurship, his work span multiple domains including healthcare, education, media, IT, real estate, fashion, food, and tourism.

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Sheethal Byshie


Media & Business Development

Sheethal Byshie creates ways for governments, organisations, and businesses to leverage content, media, and communications for increased public action and engagement. Her work focuses on unearthing actionable insights and tracking shifts in society that allow for the amalgamation of competitive research, differentiation strategies, and making sense of the information chaos. With over 10 years of experience in engaging audiences to shape the desired action, her work spans interdisciplinary practices including IT, fashion, and social justice. 


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Charles Landry

Chief Advisor

Creative Cities


Dr. Tom Fleming

Chief Advisor

City Mapping and Audit

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David Parrish

Chief Advisor

Creative Industries

Upendranath T R.jpg

Upendranath T R

Chief Advisor

Artist Liaison

George Karikkampallil.jpg

George Karikkampallil

Chief Advisor

Finance & Investor Relations

Katherine Loflin.jpg

Dr. Katherine Loflin

Chief Advisor

Place Making

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