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Creative Interventions

Makers’ Hub is rooted in the idea that a global network of connected creative communities can enable collaborative partnerships and play a pivotal role in translating the local into global.

So we’ve made Makers’ Hub a global collaborative workspace and workforce where the collective action of its diverse participants accelerates ideas into realisation.


The ambition of the Makers’ Hub goes beyond the things themselves. We believe Makers’ Hubs act as social enterprises, as gateways to reignite the creative spirit of cities, as a means to revive local economies, and as ways to reengage and re-skill people and communities.


Makers’ Hub is open to anyone interested in making, building, tearing-apart, and creating using human ingenuity and creativity.


Makers’ Hubs are part innovation labs, part business incubators, part creative studios and part community centres. By design, all Makers’ Hubs have a very strong underpinning of local community values.

It’s not just about making. We believe that the maker-culture should also address questions about the nature of labour, the value of objects, the dignity of the worker, and the meaning of design.

Therefore, Makers’ Hubs true value, we believe, is the various ways in which it reimagines the acts of creativity and production and puts the power back into the hands of people.


Makers’ Hub is entrepreneurship through community collaboration.

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