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Cultural Current

Conferences on the role of art and culture in cities

Cultural Current is an ongoing series of conferences on the role of art, culture, and the creative economy in transforming cities and urban spaces.


Cultural Current seeks to bring together Governments, policymakers, industry leaders and the publics to create awareness about the coming global-shift to culture and creative-based economy.


Cultural Current is not just a place to get together to discuss ideas, but a platform that seeks to put those ideas into practice by engaging with the stakeholders of the city and Governments.


However, the role of culture must go beyond economics. Culture is not focused on the price of things, but on their value. Cultural Current creates a platform to project a voice of reason and lead cities and urban spaces towards a cogent view of the good life beyond mass accumulation, through public-private partnerships on cultural and creative initiatives. This not only gives governments and policymakers the opportunity to invest in and build an alternate economy but also gives them control over their own futures – irrespective of the global power centres.

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