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Culture | Literature | Art | Music

CLAM (Culture. Literature. Art. Music) is a series of festivals that aims to bring forward and be a platform for expressions, ideas, values, and voices from the global south.

CLAM aims to be radically inclusive and accessible to everyone. We believe it’s an essential destination for global audiences.


Whether it’s under clear blue skies or dreamy evenings or rain-soaked nights CLAM pulses with energy, ideas, and creativity. When we think of CLAM, we think of the days filled with the joy of discovery, of learning, of ideas, of fragrances, of nature, of opinionated voices, and of the pure bliss of celebrating the other.


CLAM is proudly local and is purposefully conducted in cities across Asia and Africa. It intends to put experience before theory, local before global, community before sponsorship, connections before economics.


Of course, CLAM also seeks to accentuate the transformative role of art and culture in society and cities by expressing the meanings that places hold for people. We believe it can disrupt established ways of thinking, explore different ways of belonging in cities, proactively engage with pasts and imagine new futures all the while fostering new and lasting connections between people and places.

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