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Transforming cities through Creative Economy

Synergy International specialises in culture, and creative economy.


Creative economy can be the primary driver for progress and change in developing economies —by bringing people together and creating ways for new economic models that do not concentrate capital and power in the hands of a few.

Human creativity, culture, and innovation are the true wealth of neighbourhoods, cities, places, and nations.

Culture is the key to developing successful, sustainable places, and the creation of truly inclusive people-centred places.

We believe in cultures, we believe in publics, and we believe that the creative economy can be a healthy provocation that will create ways to widen the public’s access to a better quality of life, means of income, and civic engagement.

Our work focuses on utilising the underlying principles of Creative Economy and developing them to meet the objectives of a particular place to become a platform for the progress of society, freedoms, and peoples.

We focus on creating ways to bring people, cultures, communities, ideas, ways of being, and imaginations from the margin to the centre.

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